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Gear stick

My friends and I get wings when we talk about cars. The mesmerizing vast arena of never-ending discussion opens like Niagara Falls in its full glory when the topic turns to automobiles during our quick catch up breaks. It goes like a bumper to bumper insurance cover, without leaving no part untouched and then generally … Continue reading Gear stick

5 Star Hotel

Long time ago…… more than a decade back, there lived a guy called ‘Me’. It was a time Business Outsourcing from the Europian countries, and the US has become an established trend in India, especially Bangalore. Since Me was not a prince like in other “long time ago” stories, he chose to go with the … Continue reading 5 Star Hotel


Not sure what got into me that day when I was getting ready for office. It all looked normal when the day started. As soon as I reached office, somebody told me that our department annual day is fast approaching. It would mean SHOW TIME. The wide smile of Jim Carrey from the ‘The Mask’ … Continue reading Dancer


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