Pink bag

It’s been a month since she was asking me to get a new school bag. Of late the ‘Frozen’ has totally engulfed her dream world. Buy a new dress….. Frozen, a pair of new shoes…… Frozen! So, obviously she needed a Frozen school bag that would enhance her social status among classmates. I realized the severity of the situation only when she asked this morning to buy some frozen stickers to fix on her new lunch box and water bottle so that she is upbeat when she goes to school!

The home minister now totally awaken by the situation had come up with an analysis that I’ll be roaming the shops next weekend and she may have to take part in the most horrendous workout routine of her life…. Walking. Her radar signals are stronger than that of an Indian army at times. Since I’ve been shot down in several previous such events without mercy or handover me to myself policy, she was well aware that this surgical strike wouldn’t take too long for her to win. So, there was not much resistance when the proposal came to me of buying the bag online. Soon the epic search for a dream to reality has started online killing my dreams of a weekend evening sight seeing! 😜

Rest was all quick. I’ve received two photos on WhatsApp that would give me my right to choose as the head of the family. One blue and another pink frozen bags. Decided to fully utilise the opportunity, I have declared my strongest opinion for Blue. Immediately I received a ping back saying, ‘she’ likes pink. Instantaneously all my senses woke up detecting the possibility of being challenged, brutally overtaken and possibly a temporary dethronement. Totally decided to lie down the facts in front of my rivals, I responded. ‘Open frozen pics on your tab and show to her that it’s all blue. Also tell that her friends will make fun of her if she goes with a pink frozen bag’.

A discreet pleasure has taken over my consciousness with an assured win in the battle. I was thrilled with the knowledge I had from all the corporate training and years of experience that strengthened me in a manager role. Before I finished wishing had I stocked champagne bottles to celebrate such unexpected victories, the response beeped in my cell phone. ‘Friends will buy things they like, so I will buy my favourite colour’.

While responding with my credit card details, I was wondering where did I miss in all those training and experience! I might have definitely bunked some of those….. else……. NO WAY!

6 thoughts on “Pink bag

  1. Awesome… Paul, you have a really amazing writing skill. While reading I could actually visualize the ‘NO WAY’ moment and many more. The ‘Pink bag’ was a bag full of joyful punches. Loved it. It’s been a while since I had pain in my jaws cause of laughter (silently though, as my little one is sleeping letting me to catch my breath and scope to read).
    There’s a saying..
    Words can do magic, that’s why they are also called spelling.
    Your writing skills have brought life in those words.. amazing. Please keep up. Waiting for the next magic πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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