Not sure what got into me that day when I was getting ready for office. It all looked normal when the day started. As soon as I reached office, somebody told me that our department annual day is fast approaching. It would mean SHOW TIME. The wide smile of Jim Carrey from the ‘The Mask’ 1994 spread on my face. I always had this dream of me performing an outstanding number like Stanley Ipkiss would dream. Not to get the Tina Carlyle, but to ensure am still in the game and I can do it. See, purely to be a professional employee. Hence, sometimes I sit alone, picturing myself moving outstandingly and create a wow factor amidst the people around.

So, it is the time. Inspirited by Anybody Can Dance etc., (OR was it Anybody Can Cook from the creepy little animated rat movie!!! I wish not to dig too much in to it fearing if the truth unfolds in to the later and I lose the grip of my story line here) and to keep the team spirit up rather than doing it alone all by myself, created a move among the management including the super boss. Now no one can complain. Moreover, building team spirit was one of my annual goals to be evaluated for the year’s appraisal review. There you go baby, one stone and 2 birds…… how about that?

Super boss being the super bozz, said we will split in to two groups. One group that included me, henceforth named as group 1, will move to some western songs, and the other, that included him and henceforth named as group 2, will develop steps for few super hit song collections that had been thrilling youths in the north and southern parts of India that time. His reason for the division was that some of us behaved, dressed and talked like we understood western culture a bit more than the other team. Not knowing whether to swallow that reasoning or try chewing it before swallowing, we agreed to the suggestion for no particular reason. It is to achieve my dream. After all, what can beat the chilling drums and guitar ripping the party hall when group 1 starts the event.

Throughout the rehearsal sessions, I’ve ensured that I stood at the back and kept talking more and correcting others so that in case I am doing something wrong it does not get noticed. To top my pain, our group instructor was an excellent dancer and showcased some moves that I would never be able to replicate even after the event gets over. So, I ensured that I fell sick a couple of times, took long breaks to serve water/coffee to others and created a couple of emergency situations at home to safeguard my back-line position. Do not get me wrong here, it is not because I don’t believe in myself. But only to save the world and make it a better place for ME 😊.

Group 2 was led by the bozz and we could see their rehearsal camps very active and ‘obedient’.

D-day has arrived. Evening 7.30. Everyone dressed up in western formal for the event at a 3-star hotel in the city centre. As agreed earlier, group 1 has decided to stay in formal and do our thing to add more spice to it. One ultimate decision had come before we get on the stage that we all will wear sunglasses to make it look dapper. Soon this was announced, a couple of my colleagues started running around searching for one and managed to get few ladies sunglasses. After all, they did it.

It was time for our event and group 1 rushed to the stage. Music started playing and I could see people In front of me moving like shadows. Something is wrong. Looked through the corners of my sun glass and saw another colleague dancing In front of me just threw his sun glass saying something like ‘this sh*t, can’t see a thing in the dark’. Realizing it is the sun glass blocking my view in the dim-lit party hall, I too had tossed it. Could hear the cheering and madness among the crowed applauding. Felt very glad that all are liking it.

Then for a minute, I realized that I am not dancing! The song is playing, others are dancing, I am not dancing! I stood there not able to move my body. The heaviest object I’ve ever handled, Myself! I forgot the moves! Now I understood why the crowed is screaming hysteric! While group 2 was breaking the roof off, I slowly moved towards the bar counter realizing I was not wearing ‘The Mask’ that day.

Recently somebody posted the very same video on FB after a long time and someone commented, ‘I like the dancer at the last corner. Who was he?’!

These days I totally understand what social media can do to Big and Famous people.  

14 thoughts on “Dancer

    1. Of course 😇, but I didn’t want someone to remind me of it on social media after these many years. Now that I’ve written about it, it stays fresh and the popularity will increase… He he he 🤣


  1. But seriously, it was throwing off the shades that made you a hit. All you had to do was stand after that! But I totally get the “back of the line” idea to make the world better for you. You did us all a favor by sharing humility lest we all forget our moves time to time 😉 great writing! Glad you’re here! From a long waaayyy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking time and writing beautiful comments. yes, the fact we all forget is those tiny moments and when we look back.. all looks like a gift from the universe. Have a happy life, stay cheerful.

      Liked by 1 person

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