Poet was a regular participant in the church *catechism classes because he liked some attention here and there that made his teenage beautiful.

Talking about teen-age, two weeks back my girlfriend told me (to whom I am married to for the last few years 😉) that it is the age between thir-teen to nine-teen! I felt devastated from that information which I never knew and was living in thoughts that I could still claim it. This is what will happen if we go too much into details. Why should I split a word in to two and understand! So, I stopped thinking about it and believed in my teenage that is still running.

Now to get back to our hero, the poet liked all his writings rhyming at the end of each line. He gained confidence from the small-town church competitions in which barely anyone attended in the poem writing category. When he won -one- secondary level award in the 3rd year of attempt, he confirmed that it is his destiny. He should now start writing to some prominent magazines. After all, he was born for that. Very soon, state level to international awards started filling his dreams. Since it was a dream and he had all the liberty to cross the boundaries mercilessly, he would often dream of tough times to attend functions that required continuous international travel. His manager had the most difficult personal assistant job on earth and recurrently asked for increased paychecks sighting the huge remuneration he anyway bags.  

One evening he wrote a beautiful poem. 4 lines each a stack, 4 stacks, all rhyming at the end. He read it again and again to ensure the absolute success of those divine lines. He did not want to check with someone before sending it to a publisher. This is a bad era, and people copy someone else’s hard work and print it in their name. You can trust no one. This is a marvelous piece and can be easily stolen. After reading it 100 times, often wiping his own tears, absorbing the pain from those golden words, he bought a long envelop to seal it. Done some artwork with a black ink pen and highlighted ‘only to open by the chief editor’ and posted it with a kiss.

Days passed, no response from the magazine. Is it that the chief editor himself had stolen the poem? Possible, highly possible. He shook his head in agony, thinking of his foolishness to send it with no guaranty. The only option left is to send the poem to a second magazine. Tell them he initially had sent it to another magazine and they have possibly stolen it. But is originally written by the very poet himself. And he highly recommends that it gets immediately published before the earlier one publishes it. Soon the plan was put in to practice. This time, for a change, as a registered letter.

But nothing happened again! Poet’s dream initiated a layoff process to the manager post. After all, he was claiming increased paycheck too often.

Poem went to couple more other magazines in the following weeks. Dream stopped the international travels and strictly restricted it to ‘very near’ domestic travel.

Finally, poet understood the element that none of those illiterate magazine publishers grasp the depth of his poem. He also read somewhere that most of the famous poets had a much worst beginning. His heart filled with revenge. He screamed at the world that kicked his creativity with their barefoot. He put a black spell that they will never see another beautiful creation from him. Ever again!!! Never.

After 10 years, when I went to my mom’s house, I saw the poet’s diary in the dust. Opened it with my shivering hands and read:

“Dog, you are not a mere dog
You looked at your pups before you hog
You’ve given them hug
While I looked at you, holding my peg.”

Tears rolled down my eyes!

*Catechism is a learning introduction traditionally used in Christian religious teaching of children.

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    1. You have no idea how you encouraged me when I returned to blog after a year. That too, stopping blogging after 1 blog. It would’ve been yet another ‘poet’ blog! ROFL. Thank you.

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