Tooth Fairy

If The Rock can….. 🙂

I chuckled for a minute when this title came to my mind. All the buildup I did by writing about cars and extraterrestrials and paranormal activities for sure will go for a toss now. (hold your horses, I didn’t write about the latter two, you must understand that some heavy stuff is essential when someone writes.) But I couldn’t think of a better title this one time.

This unknown angel figure – Miss. Tooth Fairy – I may call it, had come into our life when my 6 year old daughter was watching her favorite cartoon channel about a year back. Vaguely remember she inquiring whether they truly exist and I nodding my head carelessly admitting the very existence of them. Somewhere in your school days, if you had made any attempt to study at all, you must have learned that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. C’mon, nobody forgets that much.

But I did! I forgot the fundamentals of Newton’s third law!

Realisation of a previously committed mistake pinched my wrist last week when my daughter alarmed me about one of her front-line teeth fighting for survival. The 1st question I faced was, ‘what should I wish for the tooth fairy to gift me?’ I stood there like the president who got caught on one of his election promises after the poll. Realizing the trap, I said, ‘anything you want my dear’. Along with that sweet statement, I simultaneously listed some dolls, a frock or some silly fancy stuff for her to choose. But she immediately acted like the press who caught the President red hand, and wished for a fancy study table and chair with her favorite cartoon characters printed on it. Just crushing the list I presented to her! I could feel the sudden squeeze of flesh and blood on my face.

Eh, I am not talented enough to make it all by myself for her. Now I need to find a place where I can buy, and it normally doesn’t come cheap in Bangalore. Nevertheless, I planned to buy and keep one in the car trunk and surprise her in the morning following the day her teeth fall. After strictly instructing on how to attend the moving tooth, I tied a thread on it and asked her to keep pulling until it loosens up.

Off to the shop now, found a nice and fancy study table and chair. Left it in the car trunk as planned and came back upstairs as if nothing happened. Looked at her to see if the tooth is off yet. Hmmm, it is slightly moving. Should be out soon. But in less than 30 minutes, the fact that I have her gift all set was slowly gaining momentum on my patience. Crap, now I must wait until the tooth comes off, and she must put that under the pillow, we all must go to sleep…… long way to go. I started humming Robert Frost’s ‘miles to go before I sleep’ in a way that Mr. Frost would immediately delete the entire poem had he known it can get interpreted this way. Irritation grew into anxiety and I reached a stage where I couldn’t sit on a chair comfortably.

This is ridiculous. I truly remember how my dad treated me when I was going through the same. He chased me all around the house and threatened if I don’t pull it out myself, he will mash all my teeth with a hammer! Even before I accepted the fact, I pulled it myself to safeguard the other remaining soldiers in my mouth. Now one Miss Tooth Fairy, from nowhere, has turned out not only expensive, but too slow in action!

With mounting excitement that I couldn’t hold anymore, and in an effort to settle it a little before my heart stops beating, I went down. Open the car trunk and took the chair alone and came up. Plan was to say “this is only a trailer. If you speed up the process, Miss. Tooth Fairy will fulfill the wish in its fullness”. All prepared, slowly opened the front door with a ‘Ta-da’ and put the chair on display.

Dang! not only that I didn’t see the expected excitement on her face, she stared at me with her eyebrows up, and slowly asked “Where is the table?”

I grinned at her. That’s not fair! How can I get caught again? Why can’t I think that it is easy for a 6-year-old to guess no one gets a fancy study chair with cartoon stickers all over it without its pair table! OR may be the Tooth Fairy is real, and she had sped up the process before an excited dad surrenders his life due to a massive heart failure!

Now the study table and chair all set. She is sitting there with a thread tied to her tooth, pulling it occasionally as if she doesn’t care anymore. I am sitting on a couch opposite to her, scared and pretending to be busy. Genuinely hoping she won’t come back with another ‘WISH’ when it really happens.

Miss. Tooth Fairy, please help!! Will you? Damn it.

18 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy

  1. Ha ha a good read there! Memories came back from 5 years ago! I slashed back at my daughter with a clear No, for the same question 😂! She felt sad and expressed that everyone gets gifts! So finally when it happened, I told her I am her tooth fairy and gave her a gift☺️☺️😄

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  2. lol she sure has your twisted around her little finger! And she has certainly wised up to who the tooth fairy really is … so just like any politician you’ve bombed out in many ways … but you did make us smile 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, none of my trick works with her! But I want to see that excitement all the time on her face when she gets something new. Its beyond words. yeah, you are right. I gets bombed in many ways….and all the time. I am glad that I could make you smile. The greatest recognition and reward. Thank you.

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  3. I remember where my Mom used to call me aside and hilariously say how beautiful my teeth was.
    Me being very silly, would smile like (omg I am real celebrity now) and suddenly she pushes my shaky teeth down.
    Time flies soon😝😝😝😝but she does this to my neighborhood kids now 😂😂😂

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