Digital Lock

♫ Pretty girl wiggle and wind your body ♬ ……. ♪ Wiggle and wine, girl you look pretty ♬……. (or whatever). Donchez Dacres was taking the roof off BGT 2018. I was in the front row watching the judges and the audience go crazy dancing. Oh man, whatta heaven! Everyone is glad, dancing, screaming top of their voice….. Above all Amanda Holden & Alesha Dixon was having best of their BGT time.. dancing, of course….

Everything went to a halt when I heard a loud scream. Who had time to scream like that amid an epic moment! Must be someone got hysteric and gone to the peak of happiness. No one seems bothered, but me.

Suddenly the auditorium door bangs open and there stood an angel, screaming ‘can you get up and see what this girl is doing’…. The floodlights dimmed swiftly and all other sounds around stopped. Pin-drop silence. Angel pointed her finger at me. I just opened one eye to see if the entire crowd is looking at me. No, it’s just me. Under a quilt? But the scream seemed material! Slowly pulled the quilt down and there, I saw the angel! For real. Angel was shivering! “You sleep till noon on a Saturday and do you have any idea what I am going through?” The mesmerizing voice flew in like the Metallica screaming on top of their voice. “Come and see what this girl is doing”. I jumped out of the bed to witness the most disastrous activity some girl was doing in my house. How dare, and how offensive, to get to somebody’s house and do such nonsense on a Saturday ‘early’ morning! This is her last time and she will not, even in her dreams do this again.

I moved the angel to one side and sped outside the bedroom, pulling the door profoundly. There, near the opposite bedroom door, stood the girl in question. Very familiar figure and may be around 6 years of age, round face. She stood there as a photograph stuck on a ‘wanted’ display list in the nearby police station and was holding the second bedroom door handle with one hand. Simultaneously screaming on top of her voice. I applied the sudden break, though wanted to push the gear into reverse, hands seemed frozen. Dang, my weekend is going to be beautiful!

Angel 2 said, “She is (supposed to be a strong allegation against angel 1) trying to break open my door. I’ve put a new digital lock for the door yesterday. It will now open only with my fingerprints.” Screaming turned into cry in split seconds and it echoed in the hallway. Immediately Angel 1 responded from the other room, “I need to use that washroom, there are things I kept there, and I need to take it. What is going on in this house? I need to wait for somebody’s permission to use my own washroom! Nobody to talk for me in this house?”

One thing is sure. Today I am destined to resolve a case between two extremely powerful forces, over an extremely debated controversy, and I am expected to declare my verdict unbiased! I need to be very careful to ensure I am physically fit even after the verdict is out. How?

Slowly turned back and walked to the kitchen. Maybe a tea would help. Read some Mrs. Kaur P saying, “A cup of tea can resolve many problems”. Within a few minutes injected some tea into my veins. Angel 1 is still sitting in the master bedroom and angel 2 is holding the 2nd bedroom door and standing there crying. What to do, what to do………

Digital lock on the bedroom door

Tea started working slowly. Wait a minute. What did angel 2 say?  She put a new digital lock for the door?  It will open only with her fingerprints? James bond started singing inside….. tara…. taraaaaa….. Mr. Bond is singing more frequently inside me for the last few years after I realised my flat door number is 007! A mere coincidence. Immediately went back to the crime scene. While hugging angel 2 as if I am trying to comfort her crying…. slowly moved her from the door. Behind her was a pink post it/sticky note stuck on the door with a pencil trace of her small five fingers and something written on it in tilted capital letters. I could read the 1st half “ONLY CAROL”. I slowly asked angel 2 while patting her back, “baby, is that the digital lock?” She nodded her head and continued whining and said, “It will open only if I press my fingers on it, can’t you see my finger marks? She is trying to break open”.

I just took her in my arms and slowly opened the master bedroom door.

Angel 1 was there, holding her stomach with both her hands and literally ‘ROBL’ing! Rolling On the Bed Laughing!

17 thoughts on “Digital Lock

  1. ROFL!!! You set this up beautifully –
    From Watching BGT from front row to where u get to the new digi door locker ( Good Job Carol :)), you had me engrossed right till the end..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know how I get immersed into watching someone sing :). And….. just imagine the moment I witnessed the digital lock. Was it a shock OR happiness, I have no idea. And Angel 1 used it very cleverly to push me out of the bed!


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