Those Magical Moments

Hi I’m Paul.

Working in Bangalore, India. I’m crazy about anything that inspires me, that keeps me active and alive. Being in the corporate world for the last 12+ years, knowing all its mysterious ways of getting the fame and dime, always wanted to look at the brighter side of life and move on inspiring others about simple, small things that we normally forget to appreciate.

When I am in the verge of getting into a ‘mood’ that is not the one I want – at job or personal life, I try to sit down and think of those magical moments that lit my small world. Recently, thought of penning down some of them. Only the fun part that comes along and gives you a pleasant memory. If at all it inspires someone to reboot and stand up, rebuild what is lost, and come back to life stronger.

A family friend commented on my 1st blog that ‘words can create magic; hence they are called spell-ings”.

So, here it is. Dedicated to millions of corporate employees like me. We can do it 😊.

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